Job Opportunities

Challoch Energy is always looking for highly motivated candidates willing to contribute to the transition towards a sustainable energy and transport system.

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We offer internships to university students on sustainable energy and transport. At Challoch Energy, interns are an integral part of our staff and contribute effectively to our company’s everyday work.

Send us your motivation letter and CV to the following address:

Past interns

“All in all, this placement was an experience full of discoveries, during which I was able to explore technical and scientific aspects related to my field of study. The diversity of perspectives I encountered within this stimulating international culture also contributed to the enrichment of this period of learning.

The friendliness and spirit of mutual support that prevail within this small work structure have largely contributed to my fulfillment during this work placement. In my opinion, a caring environment is the key to encouraging optimum productivity and creativity. This idea will guide me in my choice of future collaborations, with a preference for small to medium-sized establishments.” Hugo Lazare (April 2023 – July 2023)

“As an international student in Belgium, it is a bit difficult to find a job or an internship, especially if you do not have proper knowledge in French or Dutch. Challoch being an English-speaking company, brought me the opportunity to work as intern in a Belgium-based company.

From the beginning of my internship everybody was nice and helpful, and I felt welcomed. One of the bright things that I noticed is that Challoch is not any company. They do care about their environment and society, and they contribute through their projects. Throughout my internship, my technical and soft skills enhanced considerably. The projects that I worked on were, in fact, real-life engineering challenges, which I think you cannot find it everywhere.

I’m going to miss my brilliant colleagues and the lovely office.” Mahdi Jamshidiha (August 2022 – October 2022)

“I was given the incredible chance to work for Challoch Energy. I received a three-month internship. All of the team members were quite helpful to me while I was working there. They engage in a variety of cutting-edge projects, which is always fascinating and crucial for the growth of the low-carbon industry. I had the good fortune to participate in a total of 5 or 6 projects, which allowed me to learn a tonne. My internship in Challoch has given me a thorough understanding of the European and UK electricity markets as well as numerous renewable energy initiatives in the UK. Even if there are only 6 or 7 people on the team, quality is more important to them than quantity. It is essential for renewable energy engineers to gain insight into the current market. Challoch is a fantastic place to kick off your profession and obtain utterly concrete ideas regarding a variety of tasks that will increase your knowledge. No matter how far I progress in my profession, I will always be grateful to Challoch for providing me with this incredible opportunity.”

Rashid Moontasir (June 2022 – September 2022)

“I started at Challoch during the uncertain transition period between the pandemic and normalcy, but it didn’t matter as the team was so warm and welcoming! I got to work on a Local Energy Market project, creating the specifications for a Local Energy Operating System. At all times, the team supported and guided me. They also gave me space to take a lot of responsibility myself and allowed me to bring my own expertise and ideas to the project. Challoch is a forward thinking team working on concrete, cutting edge decarbonisation projects with interesting stakeholders. I wouldn’t change my four months with Challoch to anything!”  Juha Köykkä (June 2021 – September 2021)

“Working at Challoch Energy was a great way to improve and develop my skills. I was assigned to many different projects which were interesting to work on and I acquired a real perspective of how the world of work works. Personally, what I liked the most was to be part of a local energy market project, it was really interesting and I learnt a lot. Challoch Energy’s team welcomed me really well and, despite working from home due to Covid 19, I always felt part of the team. They are always in a good mood and are the perfect balance between maximum professionalism and a relaxed atmosphere.” David Ribeiro (January 2021 – April 2021)